Industries We Serve

Each and every industry has its nuances when it comes to specific accounting practices and regulations. The depth and business acumen of our team means we have a solid understanding of those complexities, those challenges and those opportunities, enabling us to effectively collaborate, guide and advise our clients. Though Farber Blicht Eyerman & Herzog serves a broad range of businesses, our industry specialties include:

Co-ops and Condominiums

The co-ops and condominiums market is unique when it comes to accounting, audit and tax services. Decades of experience have given our team at Farber Blicht Eyerman & Herzog a solid foundation of co-op and condominium market trends, financial stipulations and growth opportunities.

Distribution, Manufacturing and Wholesale

For years Farber Blicht Eyerman & Herzogt has helped distribution, manufacturing and wholesale companies plan for growth opportunities and navigate financial reporting. We understand the nature of the market and we are well equipped to advise on company accounting, auditing and tax strategies.

Entrepreneurial Services

Starting a new business can be daunting, especially given customer and financial uncertainties. We collaborate with our entrepreneurial clients to understand the business from the ground up, how it fits within the market, where the growth opportunities lie, what the owners’ goals are, and how any changing tax and accounting regulations will impact the longevity of their business.


Business franchises have their own set of accounting and tax specifications, which can heavily impact success and profitability. At Farber Blicht Eyerman & Herzog, our experience working with owner/operators has led to the creation, development and expansion of numerous high-profile franchises.

High Net Worth

Similar to all the businesses, individuals and families we serve, our high net worth clients benefit from our transparency, discreteness and diligence. At Farber Blicht Eyerman & Herzog, we work directly with all our clients’ stakeholders on their behalf, including financial advisors, insurance companies, banks and lawyers. Our objective is to ensure our clients are doing everything they need to be doing from an accounting and tax perspective to meet their financial goals.

Hospitality and Restaurants

The hospitality and restaurant industries are vibrant and exciting, but also carry a significant amount of risk. Our team at Farber Blicht Eyerman & Herzog has the insight and experience to help our clients keep their financials in check so they can operate more efficiently, stay competitive, manage costs and thrive.

Professional Services Firms

At Farber Blicht Eyerman & Herzog, we can attest first-hand what it is like to operate a business in the services industry and exactly how accounting, auditing and tax regulations can impact a business. We understand there is a mutual obligation to go above and beyond for clients and also maintain a firm’s financial well being.

Real Estate

Both the commercial and residential real estate industries are chalk full of highs and lows, and these swings can have a huge impact on financial gains, taxes and more. Whether our clients purchase, invest in, inherit, develop, operate or manage real estate, there are significant accounting and auditing implications. It is our responsibility at Farber Blicht Eyerman & Herzog to be aware of changing market dynamics and the federal regulations impacting real estate transactions.

Retail and Consumer Products

The newest trend is always upon us in the retail and consumer market, which can impact the way suppliers and retailers operate. At Farber Blicht Eyerman & Herzog, we have experience working with retail and consumer products companies of all sizes, from start-ups to highly recognizable brands, and we have the accounting, auditing and tax processes in place to help them succeed.